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Cylindrical Tanks with Robotic Welder

LDI manufactures a wide range of cylindrical tanks.  Our automated cell consists of a CNC plate rolling machine which forms cylindrical tank bodies from material up to 1/4" thick by 72" wide and a robotic welder which has dual sided tables for continuous operations.  The robotic welder is capable of processing tanks 24'' - 30" in diameter and up to 66" long.

We can also provide steps & ladders, brackets, guards, and clean out covers that are added to the tank. Additionally, other work centers are equipped to produce both smaller and larger diameter cylindrical tanks.

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Parts Washing System


Parts washer in Manitowoc facility

A recent example of our on-going continuous improvement efforts is the installation of a new, state of the art parts washing system.  This system allows LDI to clean parts that are machined in either oil or coolant to comply with stringent ISO cleanliness standards.

By using this advanced technology, we are able to clean parts in an environmentally safe manner recapturing and reusing the cleaning solutions, while also providing air quality protection to the operators by using a sealed chamber. Potential wash operations include agitation, rotation, spray, or ultra sound.

Because the system is programmable, the operators cannot only determine the most efficient method to clean our large variety of part configurations and materials, but also assign a program number to that part and store it in the system controller.  When parts are ready for cleaning the operator simply enters the program number and starts the machine, greatly reducing set up and process time while significantly enhancing the level of cleanliness.

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Aluminum Reservoirs and Fabrications

LDI Industries is well known for manufacturing reservoirs in steel and stainless steel.  You may not be aware, however, that we also produce reservoirs and fabrications in 5052 & 6061 grade aluminum.  We have the ability to produce this aluminum product in a variety of capacities and configurations.

Some of our recent aluminum products:
Grill 5.5 gallon reservoir 32 gallon reservoir

Whether it is a hydraulic, fuel, coolant, surge or overflow tank, as well as grills, steps/ladders, and brackets, LDI Industries can be your one stop source for all your tank and sheet metal fabrication requirements.  The LDI team looks forward to hearing from you.

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Custom Fabrications

In addition to custom hydraulic reservoirs and fuel tanks, LDI Industries also produces custom fabrications. Whether just laser and form or large complex fabrications, LDI can be a reliable and value added source.

The trailer frames below are a good example of the type of custom fabrication we can supply to support your business.

Make it a point to contact the LDI team to see how our proven design and manufacturing capabilities can assist you with your custom fabrication requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!


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