Circulating Oil Systems

Circulating oil systems are a cost effective approach for insuring maximum life of your large, heavily loaded or high speed bearings.  These systems are designed for the filtration and cooling of lubricating oil, circulated through a closed loop system to all connected points in the system. They can be adapted as a standby to your equipment driven lubrication system or to condition oil periodically in non-circulating reservoirs.  LDI Industries is uniquely positioned to design and fabricate these systems given our 50 plus years developing lubrication products, and our comprehensive line of system components including reservoirs, sight glasses, breathers, filters, strainers, pumps, pump motor adapters, heaters, heat exchangers, couplings and fittings.

We specialize in automatic lubrication systems with flow rates less than 50 GPM. These systems will utilize reservoirs ranging in capacity from 5 to 1000 gallons and are sized based on API guidelines or other industry standards applicable to the application.  LDI Industries has successfully supplied systems for paper machinery, fans/blowers, electric motors, turbines, test stands, printing presses, machine tool pumps and gear boxes.

In order to properly size and configure the circulating oil system for your application, give consideration to the system characteristics outlined below prior to submitting a request for quote

  • Installation Environment
    • Indoor or outdoor
    • Size or space limitations
    • Temperature
  • Lubrication
    • The number of lubrication points and approximate distance from oil reservoir
    • Flow rate and system pressure
    • Filtration level (single or dual)
    • Type of lubricating oil needed for the application
  • Motor/Pump
    • Explosion proof or other
    • Power available (V-Hz-Phase)
    • Single or dual
  • Heat Exchanger
    • Air or water cooled
    • Inlet and outlet temperature
    • Control valves or switches needed
    • Single or dual
  • Immersion heater
    • Power density
    • Time allowed for heating - temperature range
    • Power available (V-Hz-Phase)
    • Single or dual
  • General
    • System materials (i.e. carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.)
    • Industry standards that apply to application
    • Paint and packaging
  • Sales Information
    • Quantities
    • Development and production schedules

Need assistance? Contact our experienced technical Staff to discuss the application and options offered by LDI to meet your performance targets.


View some of our circulating oil systems.

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Circulating Oil Systems

Typical System Application



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