EZ MOD Template Instructions for Custom Reservoirs


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1. Download EZ MOD template from LDI website
2. Sheet 1 of 2
  Review NOTES for design assumptions and default configurations
  Circle the required option in table for tank size, quantity and finish
  Circle general options in table when applicable to your application
  Each drawing view is numbered and specifies the X and Y datums used to define feature locations on sheet 2.
3. Sheet 2 of 2
  Each view on sheet 1 has its own specification table on sheet 2, one large table on the left side of the page for view 1 (top) and four small tables on the right side of the page for views 2 thru 5
  Modification options for each view are given down the left side of the table specific to that view
  Every row within each table, defines a single modification and its X-Y location (reference datums on Sheet 1)
  Several available options allow multiple instances of that option type (ie half and full couplings, couplings with downpipes and holes through the tank wall). The number of instances allowed on that surface is reflected by the number of rows available within the table for that option type.
  For option types allowing multiple instances, each instance is selected on a separate row even if it is the same type of modification in order to define its X-Y location
  The suction and return flanges only allow one suction and one return flange cutout to be specified on view 1 (top). When specifying a flange cutout, circle the pipe or tube size, specify the flange part number (sold separately) and its X-Y location.


Available at LDI-Industries.com are examples of completed specifications using the EZ MOD templates.

20 Gallon EZ MOD Template: Custom reservoir derived from catalog reservoir, V10020, 20 gal JIC Type, (traditional drawing representation)

30 Gallon EZ MOD Template: Custom reservoir derived from catalog reservoir, V10030, 30 gal JIC Type, (traditional drawing representation)

40 Gallon EZ MOD Template: Custom reservoir derived from catalog reservoir, V10040, 40 gal JIC Type, (traditional drawing representation)


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