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  How do I find a local distributor?

LDI has authorized Distributors throughout North & Central America, as well as International Representatives if needed.  Please contact us for the Distributor in your area by calling customer service at 920-682-6877, option 4.

  Can I buy direct from you?

If you would like to buy direct, please contact customer service 920-682-6877 option 4 to let us determine if we can set you up to buy direct.

  Does LDI accept credit cards?

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

  What is the minimum order amount?

There is a $100 net minimum per order.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  Can I return a product for credit?

All claims for product defects, shortages or damage must be presented to LDI within 10 days of receipt of goods.  Standard stock products (if in new and unused condition) may be returned up to 3 months from the date of purchase. 

All returns require a LDI issued return authorization goods number.  Please call customer service at 920-682-6877, option 4 if you have a product that needs to be returned.  There is a 30% deduction for handling/inspection and is subject to a minimum restock charge of $50.

  Are you ISO Certified?
  How do I find a CAD file to download?

When you know the part number, enter the part number in the search tool in the upper right corner of any web page. Browse the first page of search results for the specific CAD file in the file type you need. If the specific file is not listed, select the link to the web page within the search results dedicated to the product series containing the item. Once on the product series web page, open the pull-down menu under CAD Files. First select the file type and then the specific item number. The typical file types available include DXF (2D), PDF (2D) and X_T (3D model - parasolid).

When you only know the product series for the required item, use the search tool to search for the product series or navigate directly to the web page for the product. Once on the product series web page, utilize the CAD file drop down menu as described above.

Not every product series on the website has CAD files available to download. The CAD Files' section will not appear on the web page when there are no CAD files available to download.

  How do I search for part numbers?

Enter the LDI part number in the search box in the upper right side of any of the web pages. For best results, if the part number contains dashes, enclose the part number in quotation marks.  (ie. “VLT-20”)

  What web browsers are compatible with the LDI website and its contents?

We have used Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer for viewing the website without problems.  However, with Internet Explorer (especially version 11) there have been some issues with opening the Spec Sheets on the product series pages as well as the downloading of the CAD files.

Troubleshooting tips for Internet Explorer 11:

If you are trying to download a CAD file or open the PDF spec sheet and only get a blank tab, here is a link that we have followed to resolve this issue:


If you are trying to download a parasolid model and IE opens up a tab instead of downloading, you may need to right click on the file you want and then select "Save target as". You can then save it to the location of your choice.





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  What if I need a modification not provided on the template?

RFQ submission can be made in any format, but design documentation and production will not utilize the EZ Mod program.

  If I do not select any general options, do I receive the assembled components as published within your catalog?

Yes, unless otherwise overridden on the template, the accessories for the corresponding standard catalog product as published within the catalog will be provided.

  What if I need to order more than three pieces?

Multiple releases will be required with different lead times or the lead time will be extended beyond two weeks if the full order must ship together.

  What if feature locations are not defined at the time of quoting? Assuming the feature locations will be defined when the order is placed, does the product still qualify for the EZ Mod program?

The initial order will not qualify for the short lead time of the EZ Mod program, but subsequent orders will qualify for the program.

  How do I submit a RFQ so it qualifies for the EZ Mod program?

Utilize the EZ MOD templates to provide the complete specification for the custom reservoir. LDI will review the RFQ and make the final determination.

  How do we initiate the conversion of custom product purchased previously to the EZ Mod program on future orders?

Transfer the specification to the template to help confirm eligibility

Submit a change request to LDI to have the product converted to the EZ Mod program

Once eligibility is confirmed, the change will be made on next order received.

The two week time may not take effect until subsequent orders are received.

  Will 3D models still be available for these custom configurations?


  Will a drawing be sent to the customer for approval in response to receiving the initial PO for the product?

No, the specification template submitted by the customer at time of quote serves as the approval to production.

  Why have the limits on modifications and eligible catalog product?

Program focuses on the most frequent modifications required

In order to achieve the 2 week lead time, component inventory and process resources are dedicated to the EZ Mod process and the limits keep commitments attainable

  When is the EZ Mod program going to expand into other tank series or capacities within the Style A Series?

EZ Mod program expansion is being planned, but no time table for release has been established.


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