Style A Stainless Steel Series Reservoir - JIC Type With Welded Top

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The Style A Stainless Steel Series JIC type reservoirs are constructed with a welded top and clean-out access on each end. The reservoir design incorporates a lengthwise baffle positioned between opposing clean-out openings. Each reservoir is supplied with a sight gage, filler breather and access covers.

Standard Features:

  • Reservoir capacities ranging from 10 to 700 gallons
  • Clean-out access on each end (one access cover has built-in 3/4 inch NPT drain port)
  • Reservoir is elevated six inches above mounting surface
  • Internal baffle positioned lengthwise between clean-out openings with circulation passages
  • Reservoir bottom sloped toward center baffle
  • 5 inch back mount aluminum G1620 Series sight gage (less than 300 gallons)
  • 10 inch front mount aluminum G1615 Series sight gage (300 gallon and above)
  • Card thermometer integral to sight gage, dual scale 0° to 220°F and -20° to 110°C graduations
  • 5275SS riser for mounting 5201 filler breather (carbon steel with zinc finish)

Sight gage and filler breather provided loose with reservoir

Standard Materials:

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Buna N seals
  • Aluminum sight gage
  • Zinc plated carbon steel fill cap with nylon strainer basket


  • Reservoirs are not designed for internal positive or negative pressure applications. For these applications, consult the factory.

Temperature Rating

  • Industry accepted design practice for hydraulic systems limits maximum operating temperature to 180° F (82° C), but materials used for fabrication of the reservoirs are capable of operating between -40° and 250° F (-40° and 121° C).

Product Options

Custom Modifications Available

  • EPDM seals
  • 316, 304L or 316L stainless steel
  • Suction ports, lines and filters
  • Return ports, down pipes and diffusers
  • Sight gage locations, features and material
  • Machined mounting plates or blocks
  • Mounting studs
  • Clean-out geometry and locations
  • Modifications to internal baffle
  • Heaters and level switches
  • Top coat finish
  • Component installation and packaging

Minimum quantities may apply.

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