PMP100 Series - Pneumatic

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The PMP100 Series air operated metering pumps are unique in that each outlet/feed is an individual positive displacement pump. These pumps are ideal for dispensing precise easily adjustable volumes of a variety of fluids including: oils or grease for lubrication, inks, dyes, chemical additives and cutting fluids. The factory should be consulted before using with high water base fluids.

The air operated metering pumps are:

  • Positive displacement
  • Self priming with up to 27 InHg (686mmHg)
  • Will operate in any position.

They are available in 1 to 15 feeds for oil or 1 to 5 feeds for grease with each feed independently and externally adjustable from 0 to .01 cu. in. (0 to .20 cu. cm.) by a micrometer thread .02 (.57mm) pitch.

A patented feature allows additional pumps (AMP100) to be easily added to a PMP100-02 or more pump banks. The air operated metering pumps are intended for "on command", higher output pressure applications where a compressed air supply of 25 to 125 PSIG (172.50 to 862.50 kPa) is available.

All feeds will actuate at the same time "on command" by using compressed air through a  3-way Solenoid Valve  actuated by a  Repeat Cycle Timer . The R100 Series filtered reservoirs are ideal for oil applications.

Grease applications should use the  Grease Cartridge Adapters or Grease Reservoirs.

Standard Features:

  • 1/8 NPTF female connection

Standard Materieals:

  • Aluminum, Brass, Steel, Acrylic
  • Buna N & Viton seals


  • For grease applications, the combination of higher viscosities, ambient temperatures lower than 32°F(0°C), excessively long runs of output feed lines, along with the type and use of smaller inside diameter feed lines, will have an effect on the feed rate and output capabilities of these pumps.

Temperature & Pressure Ratings

  • Maximum operating temperature up to 120°F (48°C)
  • Minimum working temperature 0°F (-17°C), oil
  • Minimum working temperature 32°F (0°C), grease
  • Maximum output pressure up to 250 PSIG (1725 kPa)


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